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Exploring Argentine Wines

Here are some recent reviews of Wines from Argentina that I think you'll enjoy!

Annual TOP 50 (+12) of 2012

Each year I put together a list of my TOP 50 wines, which are between $20 and $50 and have scored 90+ points on WineScores.ca.
These are great gift wines and special occasion wines for the discerning wine lover.
You don't need to spend a lot to get a great gift, but here are some options if you're looking for some suggestions for premium wines.

*For entertaining, check out my TOP 100 (+12) wines for 2012 - $20 and less!

*These wines are listed as $20-$50. Prices may vary at some retailers and may not be available in all provinces.
*Wines are listed by date reviewed, not by score.


Annual TOP 100 (+12) for 2012

Each year I filter through thousands of reviews to find the best wines I've tasted over the course of the year.
In my annual TOP 100 you'll find my Top 100 (+12) picks, which have scored 89 points or higher on WineScores.ca!
These wines are all $20 or Less!

Here they are, my TOP 100 (+12) for 2012!

*These wines are listed as $20 or less. Prices may vary at some retailers and in some provinces.
Wines are listed by date reviewed, not by score.


Wines of Argentina

Undeniably, Argentina is producing the best Malbecs on the market, intense and inky with ripe fruit, dark floral, sweet spice notes and lush bodies. The Malbec vines are here are mature and the climate/terroir supplies perfect growing conditions - which is why they truly stand out.
And although Mendoza isn't the only wine growing region in Argentina, about 80% of the production does come from here.
This region butts up along the Andes (and Chile) to the west and rests mid-country.
I don't have to tell you how good (and what good value) the wines are - your dollars are speaking.
Here are a variety of wines, some of which are available in private wine stores but check out BC Liquor Stores focus on the wines of Argentina throughout October, 2012.

Wines for the Tasting Room Radio

Everyday Bubbles!

Delicious and affordable sparkling wines - perfect for any occasion (meaning everyday) and never, ever, pretentious...

Top Sellers & Reader Favourites

Here are some top selling wines, wines, which are also reader favourites.
Look through this list and see if there are any wines you have already tasted - if so, begin by rating them.
How many stars would you give some of these wines you are familiar with?

It's really that simple.

Begin rating wines now, and before long, I'll be recommending wines just for you!

Wine in the North - The Yukon Edition!

For our neighbors to the north - I couldn't forget about you!
Here is a list of 85+ reviews of the best wines available to you in Yukon Liquor Corporation stores.
The list includes: white, red and sparkling wines from all over the world!

Get Grillin'

Although we can grill all year round, there's no time like the summertime!

Just the smell of smoke and barbecue sauce gets your mouth watering...
But what about the wine?
Grilling imparts charry, smoky flavours and intensifies flavours in a way that other cooking methods cannot.
You can throw pizza on the grill, sausage, pork, chicken, fish, corn on the cob and skewers of veggies (aka shish kebobs). All of these will have a new depth of flavour that calls for heartier wines, which will stand up to bold new flavours.
You don't have to be a meat eater to enjoy grilled foods, but your wines still need to have a bit more oomph.
Most of the following wines are great with grilled meat, but don't discount what a little grilling can do to eggplant, mushrooms or yes, even tofu and veggie burgers and dogs.
Remember red is not the only grillin' wine Chardonnay loves grilled lobster in butter, grilled chicken, grilled cornbread and corn on the cob...
Viognier charms sweet crab and seafood (great topped with spicy peach or mango salsas), grilled squash or sweet potatoes with sage butter...
Rose will rock pork, salmon, grilled portobello mushroom burgers, or your homemade grilled pizza...

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Found Records: 11, Pages: 1 of 1, 1
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