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Perfect Pairings

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Aperitifs, Cocktails, Desserts

Something to start the evening off, a cocktail for cinq a sept, a sticky to finish the night off with cheese or dessert... Sherry, Port, Spirits and other tasty treats...

Cheese - Goat

Cheeses made from goat's milk are very different in flavour from cow's milk cheeses. They are sharper, more piquant and often have herbaceous, nutty or creamy/sweet flavours. Goat's cheeses are generally tangy and need a wine to complement, not overpower. Goat's cheese comes in virtually every size, shape and texture.

Creamy Dishes

Fettucini Alfredo, creamy mashed potatoes, risotto or cream based soups - creamy dishes need some acidity to clean the palate but still some structure to stand up. Sometimes the nutty, creaminess of an oaked Chardonnay and sometimes the crisp power of a German Riesling depending on the depth of flavour in the cream. Herbed cream sauces like crisp wines and richer nutty sauces or pumpkin risotto prefer a buttery chardonnay...

French Food

French food is diverse. Its not just baguettes and cheese or coq au vin. French food is also fresh Provencal dishes, vegetable dishes with rich creamy sauces and earthy rustic tartes and dense meaty stews.

Junk Food, Fast Food & Snacks

I don't recommend wine with Jelly Bellys (although I've tried, hard) but what about game day wines, wines to pair with: hot dog's, burgers, ribs, chili and pizza (most of those will work with Zinfandel), buttery pocorn and salty potato chips (both great with bubbly), wasabi rice snacks, take out sushi or pomme frites dipped in designer mayo (try an off-dry Riesling).

Rich Meats

Hearty wines to pair with grilled beef, lamb, game and rich, thick, meaty stews.


Ocean fish can be prepared in virtually any manner-grilled, poached or fried and adorned by virtually any sauce. Preparation and condiments play a big part in what wine you choose. Balance is the key.


Shellfish differs from fish as it is often sweeter. The cooking methods for shellfish help determine the wine but fresh and crisp is generally a good rule of thumb.

White Meat Chicken/Pork

Not as protein dense as red meat but often heartier than seafood, white meat needs a wine with substance but not too powerful.
Think Chicken, turkey, pork...

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