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Perfect Pairings

Choose your food - cheese (blue, goat, Parmesan), fish, chicken, sushi, tomatoes, tomato-based sauces etc. or

Choose your theme - barbecue, first date, girl's night, wedding or patio sipping etc...

Click on it and voila! You'll have a fabulous assortment of wines to pair with your theme, dish or special occassion.

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Aperitifs, Cocktails, Desserts

Something to start the evening off, a cocktail for cinq a sept, a sticky to finish the night off with cheese or dessert... Sherry, Port, Spirits and other tasty treats...


Grilled foods, those cooked on the barbeque tend to have more depth of flavour and an intensity rounded out with char and smoked flavours. And often, they are accompanied by spicey/sweet and tangy sauces. Wines of equal intensity are recommended.


Pure dark chocolate is generally the easiest type of chocolate to pair with wine but often nuts and caramel will draw out similar characteristics found in the wine.
Think rich chocolaty Cabernet or Port with dark, a toasty-rich bubbly with chocolate covered nuts, a tawny port if there is caramel involved, white or milk chocolate with late harvest or icewine sweeties...and a spicy Shiraz (or sparkling Shiraz) with chocolates infused with chilis or pepper.

French Food

French food is diverse. Its not just baguettes and cheese or coq au vin. French food is also fresh Provencal dishes, vegetable dishes with rich creamy sauces and earthy rustic tartes and dense meaty stews.

Girl's Night

Fun wines with no pretension. With the girls you need not worry about being judged and this is the perfect time to experiment-when you are among friends...

Good First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Meeting her folks for the first time? Choosing a dinner wine for your boss' key account meeting? Meeting his best friends at a dinner party (and they loved his ex)? You need a wine that is intelligent, sophisticated and possibly unique. Let them know you're not schlep...

Rich Meats

Hearty wines to pair with grilled beef, lamb, game and rich, thick, meaty stews.


Ocean fish can be prepared in virtually any manner-grilled, poached or fried and adorned by virtually any sauce. Preparation and condiments play a big part in what wine you choose. Balance is the key.

White Meat Chicken/Pork

Not as protein dense as red meat but often heartier than seafood, white meat needs a wine with substance but not too powerful.
Think Chicken, turkey, pork...

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